Concrete surface finishes inside houses and apartments are now in fashion. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just open up any magazine or website dedicated to interior decoration, and you’ll see a myriad of pictures of concrete walls, floors, ceilings or worktops. Micro-cement in every possible form and in almost every room. Is it surprising? Concrete surfaces are stunning, easy to maintain and have an industrial chic that we love. And they fit in with any interior. See how to use decorative concrete in the bedroom.


Concrete in the bedroom?

Doubts may arise when we put together a concrete exterior architectural panel with a cosy room in our imagination. However, the decorative masses of Futu MICROONE give the concrete a completely different character. Its coated surfaces add elegance and depth to the interior thanks to its original texture. With an endless range of colour options and a wide range of fantastic textures, FutuBetonOne can become part of almost any design you need.

Small bedroom with concrete wall?
Give this room even more intimacy! Cover one wall – for example, behind the bed, with a micro-mortar with an intriguing texture and a deep shade of navy blue that automatically brings peace and tranquillity. A variety of blue tones calm your nervous system and help you relax. In combination with a delicate warm grey, a note of turquoise and cream, you’ll create a place where you will gain inner balance and enjoy a precious night’s sleep.


When you think of concrete in the bedroom, you don’t have to limit yourself to cladding just one wall. See how a room looks great when Futu MICROONE micro-cement covers all of the vertical surfaces. The arrangement is designed in a bright colour palette and is based on earthy colours. The materials used are also of natural origin. Here we have flax, jute, wool, cotton, glass and dried grass stalks. Therefore, the imitation of stone in a light shade of beige, with an interesting structure corresponding to the natural texture of the raw materials from which it was made, fits perfectly in this design. We have here space, air and contact with mother nature.


Concrete surfaces also fit perfectly in the industrial style of interior design, where strong industrial architecture inspiration is evident. The bedrooms are arranged in the same way as in an old factory, with high ceilings and large Windows with muntin bars, raw brick, steel structures and a large amount of wood with visible grain, as well as glass and metal components. The perfect base for a design that draws on the goods of the industrial revolution is a concrete floor.
Which micro-cement would you choose for the floor in the bedroom?

We recommend a Futu MICROTWO thin-layer decorative mineral floor. With this product, you will create a durable, abrasion-resistant and dust-resistant smooth surface, and the appropriate processing will give you an uneven, individual look with shading elements. Plus, with liquid pigment, you can get literally any colour you want.